Does it really exist? In spite of more than 200 observations over the years, no solid evidence has been found to prove that the Great Lake Monster exists. Nor that it doesn’t…

Records from as early as the 17th century tells us about the existence of a great monster or creature in the lake. The painting below shows how the artist Harald Millgård experienced his encounter with the monster in 1935.

The Great Lake Monster has its own exhibition at Jamtli. You can listen to people’s stories of their encounters with the monster, you can get to know the history of the company which was founded in Östersund in 1894 in order to capture it, and you can read all about how it came to be protected by law in 1986.

In Jamtli’s archives, there is a large collection of tales, newspaper articles and other material for those who wish to learn more about this mysterious creature.