In the Sloop and Longboat Shed outside the Naval Museum, you can take a closer look at the navy's sloops, longboats and other small boats.

The Sloop and Longboat Shed from the 18th century is right next to the main building of the Naval Museum. The unusual building is named after the small boats, the so-called longboats and sloops, which were initially stored in the building over the winter.

A large number of small ships are still kept in the Sloop and Longboat Shed, which also houses the Naval Museum's exhibition of the Navy's sloops, longboats and other small boats which once belonged to some of the fleet's larger ships.

The small boats were used for carrying the crews, food, materials and other necessary items between the shore and the large ships. They were also used as lifeboats and for training purposes, to teach the sailors basic knowledge of seamanship.