There was a time when figureheads adorned Sweden's greatest warships. You can still see the impressive wooden sculptures in Figurehead Hall, unique in the world.

The Figurehead Hall probably contains the finest collection of figureheads in the world. These wooden sculptures, several metres high, once sat on the bow of Swedish warships. What is unique about these figureheads is that almost all of them have been involved in major battles, most in the years 1788-1790 when Sweden was at war with Russia.

The main part of the figures were created in pine by the sculptor Johan Törnström (1744-1828). They have been on ships named Försiktigheten (Caution), Dristigheten (Audacity) and Minerva.

In the Figurehead Hall, you can study the carefully carved wood details, discover repaired bullet holes from past wars and read all about their history.