The real and the virtual synthesise in this mesmeric dance installation by award-winning British choreographer, Tom Dale. I INFINITE is a solo dance piece, performed in a white cube space with a digitally animated environment. A fascinating fusion of dance, music, art and design, it is due to embark on its first major UK tour this autumn. I INFINITE explores the interplay between dancer, audience and the digital space, probing the liminality at which point these aspects merge.

The audience is invited to move around the performance space to choose their own viewpoint, venturing close to the dancer or just sitting, transfixed, to watch the refined movement so often missed in more traditional theatre spaces. Inspired by the digital world’s quest to recreate life, graphic patterns slice through the space; glowing cubes fracture into a myriad of minuscule squares and pools of light hover in the air like oil on water.

“I was inspired by robotics, artificial intelligence and how the digital world is moving on an increasingly fast trajectory towards lifelike manifestations. How does the digital explore and master this physical world from its finite perspective? What would a robot or A.I. need to understand or learn in order to move in a human-like way.” Tom Dale

The Tom Dale Company (TDC) is one of the UK's leading contemporary dance companies. Combining dance, electronic music and digital media, TDC is a leader in the field, producing world-class work which is simultaneously bold, exciting and constantly evolving. The synergy between dance and the digital arts is the major artery pumping through TDC’s practice, its vision, through its collaborations with the digital arts, is to re-imagine dance.

-Night Light, Leeds. Northern Ballet Theatre, 4 & 5 October -New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 9 October 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm -Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry. 11 & 12 October 10.30am, 7pm & 8.45pm -The Place, London. 16 October 7pm & 8.30pm 17 October 7pm -Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. 1 & 2 November 11am, 2pm & 6pm -Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance. 4 November 7pm & 8.30pm -Exeter Phoenix, 6 November 7pm & 8.30pm -Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham. 9 November 11am, 1.30pm & 7pm -The Council House, Nottingham. 15-17 November 7pm & 8.30pm -Strike a Light, Gloucester Guildhall. 20 November 7pm & 8.30pm