British painter Phoebe Dickinson will unveil her new urban and pastoral works painted during her year of global travel. “Journey Through Landscape” will be on view at Tessa Packard Showroom in Chelsea, London from November 12 – December 14, 2018. This new body of work marks a shift in the artist’s oeuvre, as Dickinson is well known for her portraiture in the style of late 19th-century American masters, such as John Singer Sargent.

The show will present over 100 figurative plein air paintings ranging from earthly paradises to pastoral atmospheres. The artist began painting in plein air as a means of escaping the four walls of her studio, painting in a range of sizes and capturing the vibrant glow of her many surroundings. The show is presented in a salon style hang, beyond the archetypal white cube that has become so principal in the contemporary scene.

The paintings depict cold Icelandic winter sceneries with a vantage point at the northern lights, the peaceful almost dreamy atmospheres in Malibu, California, to impressive medieval Florence. Although her paintings are classically informed, the oil paint and brief strokes give her paintings a nearly abstract impression.

Throughout her artistic career, Dickinson has painted nudes, landscapes, and still-life’s, however, she is specifically captivated by portraiture, working in the tradition of William Nicholson. In 2018, Dickinson was accepted into the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery with her painting of the Cholmondeley children at Houghton Hall. The BP Portrait Award is one of the most prestigious portrait painting competitions in the world and represents the best in contemporary portrait painting. The Cholmondeley family has also commissioned the artist to paint the mother, Rose Cholmondeley, formerly Rose Hanbury. The portrait will be completed in September 2018.