The Experimental Zone is a large open space that takes up most of the upper floor of the Copernicus Science Centre, dedicated to humans and nature. You can experiment on your own with more than 200 exhibits that form 19 thematic groups.

The Eastern Section (beside the orange pavilion) is dedicated to humans. Here you become the subject of surprising experiments. You will see how your senses and skills allow you to perceive, interpret and describe the world. You will test the capabilities of your own body, your sensitivity to light, your colour perception and susceptibility to illusions.

New to the Copernicus Science Centre and this part of the exhibition are exhibits illustrating biological processes taking place in nature. For the first time in our science centre, you will have the opportunity to observe living organisms and the changes they undergo as a result of interacting with their environment. You will see photosynthesis with your own eyes and take a look at hydras and growing fungi. Look for the exhibits: “Decomposer Fungi: Lion’s Mane”, “Decomposer Fungi: Coprophages”, “Predators: Hydras”, “Herbivores: Daphnias”.

The eastern section was reopened after a rearrangement in April 2018. Previously, it was home to the Humans and Environment and Light Zone exhibitions.

The Western Section (by the blue pavilion) focuses on physical phenomena. Here you will find exhibits related to waves, the electric current, fluids and chaotic phenomena. You will go for a walk with a gyroscopic suitcase, build a magnetic bridge and be amazed at the capabilities of a rotating table. You will experiment with stroboscopes and sound. You will learn what Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for and you will see cosmic radiation.