Lusto is a fun place to visit with children! The miniatures in the exhibitions are interesting for all ages, as they provide an easy an illustrative way to explore the forest and the significance of forests in the life of Finns. Lusto also has artifacts and locations where you can touch and experiment with things yourself: you can practise identifying trees, you can try to guess what kind fur each forest animal has, and you can test how heavy the first chain saws really were. The Children’s Tree and the bear’s den encourage the smallest museum visitors to discover the exciting adventures within!

The Children’s Tree, towering almost 8 meters high, is abuzz with excitement. You can climb on three different levels inside the tree and listen to the mysterious sounds of the forest. There is a tree house in the fork of the largest branch – a favoured spot of any child! Under the tree is a nice place to rest a moment and lose yourself in the world of textile books with forest themes. After reading, you can slip on a forest cloak and dive into a world of adventure.

Under the Children’s Tree, there is a peaceful den where the mother bear hibernates with her two little cubs. Would you dare to crawl inside and take a peek at how the bears spend their winter?

How well could you handle the forestry machine operator’s job? The Machine Age exhibition’s forestry machine simulators offer you a chance to put your operating skills to the test!

There is a lot of room to run and play in the Lusto outdoor area! There are approximately 40 domestic and foreign tree species and some rare forms of fir tree growing in the miniature arboretum. Can you spot the domestic deciduous trees? You can continue your exploration in the world of forests in the Luke research and tree species park located right next to Lusto.