On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic, the one and only Film Museum in Estonia opened its doors for the first time on 4 October 2017.The Film Museum operates under the Estonian History Museum and its first permanent exhibition, titled “Take One”, deconstructs the film making process and shares the secrets of film making and film makers with everyone.

The exhibition will move through the different stages of film making in the world behind the camera – we learn about the role that the script, sets, editing, lighting and sound plays and we hear the stories of a number of film makers. We jump aboard the film score train, walk on the red carpet to the premier screening and face the critics. On the world map we can find connections between Estonian film and the international arena.

The magical room of illusions with its oversized machines is striking –contraptions whose parts all work together with one aim – to make the picture move. Machines inspired by the birth of film in the 19th century invite you to explore and experiment, to find out how they managed to make the pictures move. You can also try your hand as a filmmaker – in the green screen studios everyone can make their own video recordings. At least once in your life you can feel like Marilyn Monroe or speed like the racing car drivers in the film “Venturous Curves” (Vallatud kurvid).

Many known Estonian film makers helped put the exhibition together, people such as Jaak Kilmi, the director of the film “Heroes” (Sangarid), Katrin Sipelgas, production designer of “Ghost Mountaineer” (Must alpinist) and Katrin Maimik, director of “Cherry Tobacco” (Kirsitubakas).