A new exhibition, Helsinki Clubbing, opens at the Helsinki City Museum, at Aleksanterinkatu 16, on 9 March 2018 presenting three decades of club culture in Helsinki. The exhibition is the work of a large group of pioneers: DJs, VJs, promoters, journalists, graphic designers and digital professionals. The exhibition also acts as a stage for events such as parties and workshops.

The exhibition introduces the club classics of Helsinki, from Botta’s Club Berlin to Kerma and from The Circus to various underground clubs. Several promoters, clubbers and other central figures of this scene have been interviewed for the exhibition. Visitors to the museum have a chance to experience the Helsinki club culture through videos, photos, posters and flyers and, of course, music. The public side events include, for example, an opportunity to spend an ambient night at the museum, find out how the VJ culture came to Finland as well as do yoga while listening to techno music.

The project has been led by DJ Orkidea and Misc Management who have organised events in Helsinki for more than two decades. Tapio Hakanen aka DJ Orkidea has been a DJ since 1991 and has released five albums and played over 2,000 gigs around the world. Misc Management, Finland’s first DJ booking agency focusing on electronic dance music, was founded in 1999 by Oded and Asaf Peled. It has evolved into a diverse event production company, which is known for the production of some of the country’s most iconic clubbing events and concepts.

The versatile music journalists Juska Wendland, Mikko Mattlar, Kalle Kinnunen, Erkko Lehtinen, Ida Karimaa, Juuso Koponen and Janne Siironen have participated in realising the exhibition by collecting memories and experiences of more than a hundred DJs, club organisers and clubbers for over three decades. Photographer Iina Esko has collected almost 2,000 photos, flyers and posters from clubbers who have opened their archives for the exhibition. Around 1,500 photos are on display at the exhibition.