Explore HMS Belfast and see what life was like aboard this floating city as you weave your way through the bowels of the ship and climb up and down ladders across all 9 decks.

Take the helm in the Captain's chair and help recover a downed plane in an interactive game based on a real-life exercise. Keep a lookout up on the flag deck where you can get amazing 360-degree views of London, and delve deeper into the boiler and engine rooms 15ft below sea level.

HMS Belfast is the most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship, with a history that extends to the Arctic convoys, D-Day, the Cold War, Korea and beyond, travelling all over the world and battling extreme weather conditions.

During your visit, engage in a simulation of the Battle of North Cape in the Gun Turret Experience and then learn more about this battle along with HMS Belfast’s other major engagements in the War and Peace exhibition. Take a shot at running the ship through the Pony Express exercise in the interactive Operations Room, the nerve centre and brain of HMS Belfast.

See for yourself what life on board HMS Belfast was like as you walk past rooms like the bakery, the dentist’s office, the laundry room and the sick bay. On board you can learn how war affected and impacted on the morale, resilience and determination of the 950-strong crew, through the real life stories of the people who served on the ship.