The Sinan Shipwreck Collection Gallery exhibits artifacts salvaged between 1976 and 1984 from a shipwreck off the coast of Sinan. The Sinan cultural properties offer a valuable insight into the cultural exchanges in the fourteenth century East Asia.

This gallery is divided into two sections. The first exhibits ceramic vases that were first discovered by a fisherman along with wooden tablets, kitchen utensils, tableware, and the crew’s personal items. It enables viewers to imagine the departure point, anticipated destination, and life on board the Sinan ship. In addition, the main trade goods carried by the Sinan ship can be examined through the ceramics, coins, metal objects, and rosewood items exhibited in this gallery.

The second section features the Chinese ceramics found in the Sinan shipwreck. They are displayed according to kiln sites. Furthermore, the lifestyle of those aboard the Sinan ship can be glimpsed through various objects related to tea, incense, floral arrangements.