UNIX Gallery proudly presents "Neverland" by artist Pablo Dona, a celebratory journey through life’s moments of purity, lightness, and joy. Featuring new mixed media works and photography, "Neverland" marks the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. "Neverland" runs from June 21 - August 25, 2018 at UNIX Gallery, 532 West 24th Street. An opening reception will be held at the gallery on Thursday, June 21 from 6 - 8 PM.

Born in Argentina and based in Miami, Pablo Dona is renowned for his works in two and three dimensions that manifest the whimsy and joy inherent to childhood nostalgia. Often incorporating small figurines into his compositions, Dona harnesses both the aesthetic and tactile essences of a child’s play through materials that evoke pure sensory euphoria. Dona states of his work, “I aim to create a bridge to childhood, tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life, those that when seeing through the eyes of a child become magical.” Indeed, Dona’s playful materials inspire his viewers to experience the world first through their hearts rather than solely through their minds.

The new body of work features an immersive wonderland, “that ‘once upon a time’ we used to visit as kids through stories and imagination,” the artist explains. Using a figurative object such as vibrant erasers in the shape of animals Dona creates an abstract form and representational association with the subconsciousness. These whimsical aesthetics push the boundaries of abstraction through the use of figurative erasers to explore the illusory nature of experiential reality. These works composed entirely of erasers include "Unity," a meticulously assembled half sphere; Blooming, a budding flower composition; "Neverland," a square wall piece; and "Wonderland," a square geometric wall piece.

While many works in "Neverland" are sculptural, Dona is known to incorporate photography and miniature as a motif to heighten the experience of immersing the viewing in his world. On the highly-textural materials used for these works, Dona stated, “The choice of using animal erasers show the diversity that our beautiful world withholds. Through this combination of all kind animals coexisting harmoniously and exuding beauty. I express my beliefs that it is possible, that one day we will all be able to bloom, just like a flower in nature.”