Johannes Girardoni has dedicated the last two decades of his practice to a complex and precise exploration of the limits of perception through material and light. Shifting between disciplines—sculpture, installation art, and photography—his work is concerned with creating new definitions of space through digital and analogue technology. As the artist has stated: ‘I concern myself with a new reality: we are at a point in our culture where technology and human perception are about to merge—this is a sensory singularity.’

Johannes Girardoni: Sensing Singularity will feature three distinct bodies of work, including new sculptures and a monumental Metaspace, which collectively explore the relationship between material and light. His latest interactive installations incorporate a third element: sound. The exhibition will demonstrate Girardoni’s two decade-long engagement with perception, inviting visitors to experience new definitions of space, sound, and colour through experiments with analogue and digital media.

This is the first solo exhibition by the artist to be presented in the United Kingdom.