Never have so many drunk so much Champagne as today. The trend is global, but Sweden, unusually enough, is one of the countries where Champagne consumption has increased the most. For the past few years, tiny Sweden has been the tenth largest Champagne market in the world.

Ever since the 1980s, interest in the beverage has exploded. Then as now, Champagne symbolises so much more than the contents of the bottle. Few drinks are as mythic or as charged with associations to luxury and style as Champagne. The reasons why are the subject of this exhibition, along with what makes sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France so unique.

Welcome to a show about soil types, fermentation, bubbles and many more details of Champagne production. As well as trends and popular culture, such as Champagne’s place in the hip hop world, its arrival on 1980s Swedish television, and our own time’s growing focus on flavour and on Champagne as a real wine, not just a bubbly aperitif.