Technologies used in digital production and porcelain ‒ a material that has been around for thousands of years ‒ are combined in the works of the design collective Additive Addicted.

To make the special characteristics and qualities of their designs stand out, the collective develops parametric and generative strategies they use to programme and control the movements of a ceramic 3D printer. They create objects with intricate, highly complex structures, reminiscent of textiles. A previously unseen repertoire of shapes has emerged from this symbiosis of technology and material, one which could not have been realized with conventional ceramic techniques.

The collective was founded in Berlin in 2017 by product designer and art historian Babette Wiezorek and interaction designer Dawei Yang. In the spirit of “digital alchemy”, Additive Addicted is showing current developments in their work juxtaposed with the alchemical tools of the Baroque Wunderkammern (collections of curiosities) from the Kunstgewerbemuseum’s own collection.

Design Views is a new exhibition series by the Kunstgewerbemuseum and the Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin (IDZ).