Tamara Nikolic is a Serbian model who is renown for having earned representation from the top agencies in the world like Elite Model Management and Next Model Management. With her success as a model, she ventured into entrepreneurship and created her own luxury web magazine that specializes in fashion tips, latest trends, and other beauty tips. Additionally, parallel to her modelling career she earned an Economics degree which led her to take over the family business, Casina Favorit.

At what age did you start modelling and how did your perception of the fashion industry change over time?

I started modelling at the age of sixteen in Elite Model Look. From the day I stepped into their agency my life drastically changed. I started working and traveling all over the world, meeting new people from the industry, working for some of the biggest names in fashion and I started being independent at a very young age. Modelling taught me a lot about life, not only about fashion. I grew as a person and I feel very blessed to have had that experience in my life.

I have to say that the fashion industry changed a lot since I started modelling. Global online platforms became the key of advertising, sales and in recent times the growth in online sales has tripled. The biggest brand ambassadors are no longer models but fashion bloggers. Personalisation also became more important to consumers, therefore fashion brands started paying much more attention to details.

Thanks to your career in fashion you traveled the world. How did those experiences and people you've met helped you in the progression of your career?

Those experiences are some of the most important experiences of my life. I was lucky enough to meet many successful people on my fashion journey that I regard as friends to this day. The things that I have learned, experiences and friends helped me a lot in my life and in the continuation of my career. I have started a luxury web magazine called LuxToGo, which makes me very proud. It sums up everything I have learned so far and gave me a chance to share my sense of fashion with people across the globe. Also, we recently created an affordable fashion line that will be launched very soon.

Apart from being a professional model featured in many campaigns and editorials, you started working in the family business Casina Favorit. Have you found a connection between these two different professions?

Since I have studied economy it was expected from me to take over the family business at some point in time. And even though those two professions seem to have nothing in common they both need discipline and devotion to work. Modelling is very much about being on time, being reliable and professional. Devoting yourself totally to the brand you are working for at that moment and giving always your best. The same goes for Casina Favorit as anything else in life. You have to be devoted, follow the industry trends and give the maximum to make the games of chance's customers happy.

How does your usual work day look like?

My work day at the office starts very early in the morning. After I finish my emails I start with meetings and go from there. Every day is different depending on the agenda.

Are you considering spreading the Casina Favorit brand outside Serbian borders?

Casina Favorit is one of the leading slot clubs in Serbia. It became a synonym for fun, healthy and luxury gaming. A luxury interior and big prizes separate us from the competition and I think that now is the right time to expand outside Serbian borders. We just announced that one lucky winner will win an airplane, something that has never been done before in Serbia and people are responding very well to it.

In the sea of fashion brands, which one you appreciate the most? Also, do you think couture is loosing its value due to the attention streetwear has been getting in the past years?

There are many fashion brands that inspire me profoundly. If I had to choose three they would be Dior, Chanel and Gucci. I think their work is timeless and they will always be on top of the game.

As I previously said, social medias are accelerating the movement of fashion trends to the masses and thats why streetwear brands became so popular. Personally I think that couture will never lose its value, people have an admiration for its uniqueness and quality.