“The life of today, so keyed up, so seen, so seemingly unreal yet so real and the eye with so much to see and the ear to hear…. What is it?” John Marin spent his lifetime answering this question. He looked at the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets of Manhattan, the rollicking waters and windy coast of Maine and saw great forces at work. Large or small, manmade or natural, Marin embraced these forces and made their expression the focus of his painting and printmaking.

His watercolors, etchings, and oils sparkle and burst with the joy and delight of experiencing what the world looks, sounds, and feels like in a singular moment.

Modern Wonder explores the verve and exuberance of John Marin and his art. Pulled from one of the largest collections of the artist’s works in the world, the exhibition covers the length and breadth of his career during the first half of the twentieth century, a period marked by massive technological advancements and the acceleration of everyday American life. With its vigorous lines, bright colors, and dynamic compositions, Marin’s art embodies a thoroughly modern view of the places he loved. The energy emanating from his work captivated audiences during his lifetime and it continues to inspire and astonish today.