Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present new sculptures by Allen Glatter, installed in the gallery’s garden.

Glatter’s work is an endless transposing of form, from A to B and back again. These new, three-dimensional works are derived from a series of drawings he began in 2009, using pendulums to create looping lines that describe the curves of a Lissajous figure. In drawings and sculpture, he has pursued this vector, separating, rotating, and intersecting the planes defined by each line’s path. The effect is of a line in space, weightless, chasing its own tail. They are assertive beyond their delicate means, occupying little physical space, but delineating much more visually. Installed outdoors, they rewire their surroundings, suggesting paperclips or plumbing gone haywire. Looping around the familiar they take it away, then bring it back again.

This is Allen Glatter’s second sculpture installation in the gallery’s garden. He has had two solo exhibitions at Rawson Projects, New York. In the summer of 2013, he installed his first large-scale outdoor sculpture, Tally-Ho, in Dumbo, Brooklyn as part of the New York City Department of Transportation Arterventions Program. Additionally, his work has been exhibited at the 2012 Dumbo Arts Festival, NY; Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, Stockbridge, MA; NADA Hudson, Hudson, NY; Model Theories at fordPROJECT, NY. Glatter received a BFA from Pratt Institute and lives and works in Brooklyn.