Peer Forum is an annual mentoring programme set up by Artquest aiming to assist artists by providing them with the funding, space and resources necessary to establish their own peer mentoring groups. Working in partnership with a number of London’s most respected art spaces to host these groups, the programme gives participants the opportunity to build relationships with their host organisation. Camden Arts Centre is delighted to once again be hosting a mentoring group over 2017/18 following a successful partnership in 2016/17. Through the Peer Forum programme, we provide institutional support and create a space for the artist to instigate dialogue and expand ideas and research.

This years selected group lead by artist Alicia Tsigarides include Leah Carless, Katharine Fry, Rebecca Jagoe, Olivia Brazier, Annie Attridge, Lindsey Mendick, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Holly Hendry, Mindy Lee and Tenant of Culture.

Tsigarides established the group as a way to bring together a group of artists to examine the representation of femininity within their work. Through the sessions, they aim to look at how the body emerges in humorous, erotic or grotesque ways. Their discussion looks to consider the representations of the female body presented though out art history as a way to identify established feminist arguments and current strategies used to define or disrupt ideas of gender while examining the relationship between gender and materials and the importance this plays in their work.