D A D D Y is an exhibition project by the class of Prof. Michael Riedel, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Through G2 Projektraum I attempt to examine the phenomenon of Klassenausstellung as a metaphorical interpretation of collector, HGB and drinks. What began as a personal journey has translated into images of sugar and white cubes that resonate with Kunststudent people to question their own status. My work is in the private collection of Professor who said ’21.Juni!, that’s some real unthankful Art.’

Participating artists: Silke Berg, Benjamin Buchegger, Manuel Cornelius, Marc Anton Gnädinger, Clara Hausmann, Janja Kosi, Christian Kölbl, Ida Michel, Larissa Mühlrath, Paul Nägele, Nina Oblak, Malte Pätz, Philip Poppek, Jan Sattler, Cajetan Scheliga, Georg Thanner, Dior Thiam, Arnold Trautwein, Brenda Magdalena Wald, Tzyn Zunge, Sebastijan Zupancic.