For summer 2018, Fleisher/Ollman presents Party in the Front. Like many commercial galleries, Fleisher/Ollman maintains an extensive inventory that reflects a long exhibition history. Our back room also includes works that made their way to fairs but have never been exhibited in Philadelphia, and unexpected finds consigned to the gallery for re-sale. For Party in the Front we’re flipping the idiom, offering the experience of digging through our drawers and poking around our shelves, without having to do either.

Works reflect our mission of presenting self-taught art alongside the contemporary, striving to keep boundaries permeable by not overly emphasizing categorical differences. The exhibition showcases all of the contemporary artists that we represent along with highlights from our self-taught holdings, some of which have not been seen in decades, if ever. The underpinning curatorial methodology is simple: exhibit only what we have in our on-site inventory. Viewers are in for unexpected juxtapositions and idiosyncratic surprises.

Artists include: Horst Ademeit, Kate Abercrombie, Peter Attie Besharo, Rosie Camanga, Anthony Campuzano, James Castle, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Burlon Craig, the Dufala Brothers, George Kim Ellington, Joy Feasley, Howard Finster, Sarah Gamble, Madge Gill, Samuel Grannat, William Hawkins, Charles Jay, S.L. Jones, Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Jennifer Levonian, Tristin Lowe, Julian Martin, Mark Mahosky, Justin McCarthy, Memory Jugs (by unknown makers), Wes Mills, Dan Murphy, Jayson Musson, Gladys Nilsson, Eamon Ore-Giron, Badrinath Pandit, Ellis Ruley, Jack Savitsky, Paul Swenbeck, Becky Suss, Mose Tolliver, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Bill Walton, H.C. Westermann, Karl Wirsum, and Joseph Yoakum, among others.