Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present In Unity, an exhibition featuring new paintings and works on paper by Jeffrey Cheung.

Based in Oakland, CA, Cheung returns to Hashimoto Contemporary for his second solo show with the gallery. Cheung’s bright, joyful works investigate themes of queerness, identity, and intersectionality through bold colors and intertwining figures.

The smiling, androgynous characters at play in Cheung’s brightly colored paintings invite the viewer to discard notions of gender. As many of the figures kiss, hold, and embrace each other, boundaries between bodies become obscured begging the question ‘where do I end and you begin?’ The result is an exuberant, body-positive unification of forms, a celebration of queer joy and non-binary identities.

Cheung’s simplistic rendering of gender nonspecific bodies offers a witty yet loving rejoinder to the heteronormative male gaze frequently observed in erotic artwork, creating a more inclusive and accessible entry point for all.