Erwin Wurm draws almost every day, be it when he is at home or on the road. For example, he bridges the morning hours until his family come together to eat breakfast by drawing.

He works with easily available paper in various qualities and formats. Peace & Plenty (also the name of the hotel in George Town/Great Exumas where many of the drawings were done) refers both to the situation and to the sheer amount of the drawings.

Over the past three years Erwin Wurm has done about hundreds of works on paper, in pencil, crayon, ballpoint-pen or as watercolors and collages. These drawings are reflections, commentaries on the world, storehouses of ideas. Thematically, they resemble a diary given that people turn up in them with whom Erwin Wurm is in contact, artist-friends, family, but also self-portraits and current projects, be that ideas for One Minute Sculptures or drawings of caravans and trucks for his project for the 2017 Venice Biennale.