Travel back in time to ancient Egypt—to the days of the Egyptian Empire, some 3,500 years ago—where you will meet women whose remarkable destiny saw them become the wives, mothers, and daughters of pharaohs! The exhibition features over 350 prestigious objects, including monumental statues, frescos, sarcophagi, a mummy, funerary objects, and jewellery related to such legendary queens as Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. An impressive multisensory experience that takes a look at one of the most important and celebrated civilizations in history.

The Egyptian harem, a royal institution reserved exclusively for women and children, is wonderfully recreated in the exhibition. Here, the queen, noblewomen, and the pharaoh's concubines ruled; men were there to serve them. Visitors will be completely enveloped in the ambiance of this place that celebrates beauty.

A testament to the history of the New Kingdom, Nefertari's granite coffin, shattered by looters, dominates the funerary chamber's evocation. But the looters overlooked or left behind many objects - items that are among the exhibition's most precious and remarkable artifacts.

This section also features objects that accompany the deceased in the afterlife: amulets, canopic jars, and shabtis. Just as impressive, a dozen painted coffins of breathtaking beauty explain ritual funerary practices and their role in achieving eternal life.