In today’s digital media reality, all kinds of misery in the world make their way into our livingrooms. Parallel to the threats from without, the individual is confronted with demands to attain the perfect life. In the intersection between the horror and the drive for success, many become overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness and uneasiness, helplessness, anger and frustration.

The exhibition Place to be Lost deals with how the individual might experience these opposing pressures. The works will each in their own way comment on the reactions and survival strategies that emerge when it appears as though negative forces are controlling reality.

Artists: Ingrid Askeland (NO), Vanessa Baird (NO), Bjørn Bjarre (NO), Ole Martin Lund Bø (NO), Åshild Bøthun (NO), Robert Dawson (GB), Hilmar Fredriksen (NO), Jon Gundersen (NO), Gitte Jungersen (DK), Sofia Karyofilis (NO), Kjetil Kausland (NO), Simon Klenell (SE), Marie-Jo Lafontaine (BE), Lotte Konow Lund (NO), Tony Matelli (USA), Bjørn Mortensen (NO), Irene Nordli (NO), Sidsel Palmstrøm (NO), Lena Quade (USA), Kjell Rylander (SE), Mari Røysamb (NO), Caroline Slotte (FI), Lars Sture (NO), Børre Sæthre (NO), Per Teljer (SE), Svein Thingnes (NO), Borghild Rudjord Unneland (NO), Gunhild Vatn (NO), Emma Woffenden (GB), Gunilla Maria Åkesson (SE)