Péter Türk created outstanding works of international quality at every stage of his consistent and coherent oeuvre characterized by a conceptual orientation. His oeuvre, which has always been widely appreciated by the Hungarian art scene, but yet not researched and known only in narrow circles, is presented in its diversity to the general public for the first time, in the form of a retrospective exhibition and a catalogue.

Péter Türk's oeuvre is characterized by systems thinking, a simultaneous creation of structures and series. He unfolds seemingly everyday subjects into a richness of thought through his limited means of expression.

His early works were influenced by lyrical abstraction, then he made minimalist geometric paintings and reliefs. From the early seventies, he created works in the spirit of conceptual art. Photography as a medium and the experimentation with its various technical forms, which were often his own inventions, became his main concern from the mid-seventies for many decades.

As a result of an unexpected, decisive encounter with God he became a believer in 1989. Subsequently, he placed his work on a new basis: he began to interpret the analysis of vision and reality, as well as the position of the artist from the perspective of faith. Faith remained an attitude of open-mindedness and receptiveness in his works until the end of his life. His position was concealed in symbolic, metaphorical forms at first sight, manifesting itself as a gentle but important option, an intellectual proposition without proselytization.

The exhibition – where many of his works will be presented for the first time – will certainly be a revelatory experience for both the art scene and the general public.