The best three in the cinema industry, Kevin Shahinian, Joe Simon, and Patrick Moreau, will host a 2 day hands-on filmmaking in Chicago, Illinois. The event will take place on October 3rd and will run through October 4th, 2011. Viewers will discover the details of HD-DSLR cinema production and will go through the challenge of real world shooting conditions.

The sessions will take place as follows:

First day - Morning session (begins at 9:00am)

-Fundamentals of cinematic storytelling, an introduction to narrative theory and the basics of screenplay structure for creating powerful SDEs and epic short form edits.
-Cinematography intensive, a detailed analysis of various DSLR prime and zoom lenses.
-Ideal settings for DSLR, what it all means and how to shoot to achieve the desired look and feel for any mood or effect.
-Camera movement, sliders and stabilizers for DSLRs. Learn how to balance and how to use various stabilizers, such as the Steadicam Flyer and Glidecam HD4000.

Afternoon session (begins at 1:00pm)

-Audio acquisition for DSLRs, an in-depth session covering the best solid-state recorders and microphones, with tested techniques on placement and various acquisition methods.
-The class will then move to a staging area where a wedding bridal prep shoot will be simulated – with an emphasis on capturing emotion and establishing a narrative point-of-view through creative shooting techniques in an actual shooting environment.
-The class will move outside to shoot a mock wedding ceremony, with a focus on multi-camera shooting, audio acquisition, creative coverage, and working within restrictions.

Second day - Morning session (begins at 9:00am)

-Fundamentals of screen directing, master various directing techniques to get convincing performances from non-actors, and learn to work with a crew.
-The class will shoot a simulated candid session around the grounds and employ directing skills in real-world conditions.

Afternoon session (begins at 1:00pm)

-Simulated reception shoot, a detailed reception lighting tutorial with an emphasis on ideal camera placement for dynamic multi-camera reception coverage.
-The short form edit, a series of short form wedding films, will be screened in their entirety and broken down from beginning to end.
-Post-production intensive, create stunning SDEs and short form edits by applying the basics of screenplay structure, montage and color theory.
-Becoming an original, tying everything together to create the original voice as an artist.