This exhibition responds to the multilayered aspects of the game of soccer, or fútbol. Engaging social and political issues or depicting common humanity built around the sport, these artists reflect on the role of the game with society. Coinciding with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, the international men’s soccer tournament, this exhibition not only commemorates the spectacle of convening nations, but also reflects Miami’s diverse population through the sport’s transnational nature.

The World’s Game: Fútbol and Contemporary Art brings together works by more than 40 artists who share in diverse and intersecting dialogues formed around the sport.

Featuring a variety of mediums—including painting, sculpture, photography, and video—the exhibition aims to create an experience in which the viewer employs the universal game to engage with the works of contemporary artists from around the world. Some works venerate soccer by directly referencing its vibrant essence of spectacle, while others explore how the sport acts as a platform for discussions about nationalism and globalism. Collectively, the exhibition celebrates the commonality of human experience through a sport that embodies one of the few common languages worldwide.