Mana Urban Arts Project presents the inaugural exhibition of Mana’s new MUAP Gallery, “Dan Witz: A Modest Sunday Morning,” curated by Stan Sudol and Christine Wagner. A “modest” curation of works from Dan Witz’s larger street art series, “Early Sunday Morning,” Mana Urban Arts Project (MUAP) has brought the feel of the street inside for this mini-retrospective.

Evoking the phrase, “They’ll find you where I leave you,” “A Modest Sunday Morning” is a collection of the effect of debauchery launched twelve hours earlier. Drunken and used, humans lie framed behind city grates, like so many Neo-Christs placed behind a stone slab waiting for a merciful resurrection, spurred on by either an Angel of the Lord or a pissed-off transit cop.

Each vignette, placed in five different and progressively uncomfortable locations around the cavernous industrial gallery, garners a feel of the streets that Witz calls his “atelier.” Each piece is lit by the color of a hectic gotham—from the reds of seedy neon signs to the orange of sulfur street lights—the dim glow is there to replicate a passerby at dusk crossing a footbridge only to come upon one of Witz’s life-size grates and scream, “What the fuck is that?”

Witz’s real-life surrealism is a perfect primer for the new Mana Urban Arts Project Gallery, offering a far more innovative project arena than traditional walled gallery spaces. The MUAP Gallery provides street artists with a place to invert the industrial cityscape inward and create on a scale seldom contemplated.