Lora Schlesinger Gallery is proud to present Alliterations, Sophia Dixon Dillo’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, featuring a new series of works on paper.

Sophia Dixon Dillo creates art that brings attention to the present moment by celebrating the ephemerality and transience of phenomena through the incorporation of light into her work. Alliterations is a series of intricately patterned drawings that explores the dynamic nature of light through the use of pearlescent ink. The luminous properties of the ink and the light within the space both influence the work. Moreover, since the regularity of the pattern is determined by multiple variables – the pressure of the hand, the nib, and thickness of the ink, the artist considers herself a participant in the process of materialization rather than the one controlling it. The unpredictable nature of the materials gives each piece its own life.

Sophia Dixon Dillo received her MFA from Colorado State University. She has exhibited internationally since 2001 and is included in the State of New Mexico’s Department of Cultural Affairs Public Collection. She was the recipient of the Liberal Arts Scholarship, Margery Monfort Wilson Scholarship, Women’s Association Scholarship & Graduate Grant from Colorado State University. Dillo collaborated with the Calvin Klein Collection in New York City for their 2015 holiday window, and was recognized in 2016 as a notable abstract artist, participating in the Colorado Women in Abstraction exhibit at the Center for Visual Arts in Denver.