Häusler Contemporary Lustenau is delighted to present at Haus 2226 in Lustenau Argentinian painter Alejandra Seeber whose works received wide recognition at the 2009 Biennial of Mercosul in Porto Alegre (BR) and at the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen’s important exhibition «Ambigu» in 2010. Selected works from the past four years and examples from a whole new series show Seeber’s multilayered and refreshing approach to a traditional medium.

In her often large-scale works, Alejandra Seeber (*1968, Buenos Aires, BR, lives in New York, US) explores the diverse possibilities of painting in between figuration and abstraction. Her ambivalent pictorial language cannot be deciphered on a linear path, since in her colorful shining paintings, out of nonrepresentational elements, narrative references suddenly emerge. There are allusions to subjects that dissolve instantly into expressive chromaticity and painterly dynamics. These dichotomies and the encounter of different motives let her works become many-faceted and surprising.

Seeber entitles her exhibition in Lustenau «Getaways». This title refers to her correspondent work series from 2014/15 some examples of which are presented in Lustenau, but it also references a particularity of the artistic work in general: Seeber perceives the process of painting as a journey with undefined destination.