Dean Borghi Fine Art, is pleased to announce our new exhibition Lineage of Time, a solo exhibition featuring American painter Clintel Steed.

Inspired by his devout Pentecostal Christian upbringing in Utah, much of Steed’s work focuses on the exploration of emotion, situations and experiences we have and presents these to us through his art. Using vibrant colors and figures in mid motion, Steed presents us with settings that are in the moment, allowing the viewer to explore a pause in time, one would normally not see. Steed’s works range in related themes, often included a moment in time one would miss in a blink of an eye. Lineage of Time reflects Steed's most recent subject matter. He references the past and raises the question of what the future is to us and who we are as a species.

Steed has shown his work throughout New York City, the Hamptons, and Philadelphia as well as in 2015 he was awarded the John Koch award from the Academy of Arts and Letters in 2015. Clintel is an artist who represents the urgency and grit that was synonymous with New York City in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the same energy and style translating into his painted works.