When facing obstacles our point of view is of utter importance. The beauty of that fact is that we have complete control over it, meaning we can decide which road our thoughts take in the event of unforseen obstacles. We have the power to turn right when our entire body and soul wants to turn left and thus guide our perception into a more positive and a happier place.

As we all know, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and easily overcome and others are so big that we can‘t even fathom how in the world we‘re going to get past them. When we‘re starting on our journey to be the master of our negative thoughts, it is easiest to start training with the small obstacles. By small obstacles I mean something like a long queue when we‘re already late or seeing somebody pick up the last of the item we really wanted. These are small annoyances that are easy to brush off, although many of us seem to give them a large space in our minds and thus giving them the power to drive us towards an unhappier existence.

There are a few options when it comes to directing our thoughts. Firstly, we can just turn our thinking towards the positive. In the case of the missed item we could always say to ourselves–You really didn‘t need that item, you have too much stuff anyways or I‘ll just get an even nicer thing in another store or something along those lines. Secondly, we could decide to chase after the item and run between stores until we find it causing us stress and even more heartache should we not find it. Thirdly, we could be depressed about it, feel like the whole world has turned against us and that this item was one of a kind and something we can never ever find the equivalent of and are in desperate need of having. I would personally recommend the first option, although number two can sometimes be applicable, for example when we‘re looking for a present or a certain item for a specific purpose.

When I moved away from home and into my first apartment I needed a bucket for washing the floors. I had previously seen them all over, in each and every convenience store so I didn‘t really worry, I was going to find one. Then I went outside to buy it and no matter where I went, they didn‘t have a simple bucket. It went so far as to become a farce and for a few weeks I wasn‘t able to get a bucket to wash my floors. I ended up going directly to the importer to buy a fancy one, paying more than I should.

The funny thing is that the days following me claiming my bucket, they appeared again, everywhere, in all colors, shapes and sizes, but then I already had one. This story has been with me for quite some time and every time I have a hard time finding some mundane object I think back to it. Laughing.

This is, however, one of those stories that is so easy to use in a negative, WHY ME, kind of a way. I could easily have been sad and felt like the world was turning against me and punishing me in the form of buckets. At that time, however, I chose the other way. I chose to control my thoughts and turn the bucket hunt into something hillarious that I could laugh about for years.

We ofter encounter something much harder than a hunt for a plastic bucket but the same method applies. Seek the silver lining, try to find something funny, something positive and hold on to it. Nurture it. Help it grow and turn into a giant tree of positive thoughts. Little by little you‘ll be able to face any obstacle without it turning your world upside down. Trust me, it‘s possible. Life‘s short, let‘s decide to enjoy it to its fullest! You have the power to control your own happiness!