Blue Lotus Gallery is proud to present a new and fascinating group exhibition showcasing the incredible work of award winning French and Hong Kong Artists, curated by Blue Lotus Gallery and selected for the official program of Le French May 2018.

Hong Kong Dimensions will take you on a deeper and unique journey through the iconic city in terms of space, time, the ultra real, the imagined, and the point where they intersect. This exhibition explores Hong Kong in all its dimensions from above and under, its back alleys, its every day moments in old neighbourhoods, and its collision with nature. Driven by curiosity or a desire for preserving its cultural heritage, each artist expresses his personal testimonial of their beloved city in their own special way from descriptive to fantastical and whimsical.

Breaking through the photograph Hong Kong Dimensions brings you work that plays with layers in space and time, where still life comes to life, where the real looks fake and the manipulated looks natural. Having its corner stone in photography, artists final form varies in distinctive ways from 2D, expanding to 3D work, hand drawings and even moving collages resulting in unique pieces that reveal talent beyond photography. Most of the works that will be shown are unique pieces, ranging from the the extreme handmade to the hyper digital.

Currently a secondary school Visual Arts teacher, Alexis Ip practiced pottery and sculpture under the guidance of Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Chan Chung Kong and Mr. Chu Tat Shing. His FOTOMO work “The Blue House” and his pottery work “The Old Memories” were selected in the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2005. His FOTOMO work “Hong Kong Image, Fa Yuen Street” is the winner of Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award 2009. Alexis works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Arts and overseas art lovers. Artists influenced by Dadaism of the 1920’s turned out a large amount of photomontage. Readymades by Marcel Duchamp also included collages. Alexis Ip’s 3-dimensional Fotomo (i.e. photo + model) is contrary to high technology ; his creation is hand-crafted from a collage of numerous photographs depicting old neighbourhoods, street scenes and the celebrations of festivals. Trivial stories within a big city are contained in his model of micro-photos.