Andrew Chuani Ho continues to chronicle his expanding narrative in "The Other Side." His interests in mythology, ancient art, cartoons and literature are an ever-present source of inspiration that are infused into his personal mythology.

Ho's fantastical drawings suggest a richly saturated verdant world masking the tormented nature of its imagery. As his story expands, a familiar cast of individuals are depicted in a purgatorial microcosm in which they wrestle with their surroundings, circumstances and ultimately with themselves. The obstacles that Ho's characters face reflect the difficulties in his environment and from personal experience.

Ho rigorously uses color pencil as his primary medium to portray the unforgiving yet deliberate nature of his drawing practice. Pulling from a variety of cultural influences, his works are embedded with an assortment of influences ranging from cartoons, landscapes and artists, including Henry Darger, Matisse and Philip Guston.