Ivana Bataković is one of the most successful models from Serbia, born in Užice she has been living and working in Milan for several years. After finishing the Police Academy, she decided to dedicate some time to herself by building a successful modeling career. If you are a traveler or a fashion enthusiast, you might recognise her from the Emirates Airlines commercials, numerous music videos and fashion campaigns.

She has been the cover model on several publications as well as being the face of popular brands, rightfully bearing the title of supermodel. We met with her on a set to learn more about her experience in the industry.

Ivana, many years have passed since you first started working in the fashion industry, how would you describe it today? Can you tell us the biggest change you experienced in fashion?

The biggest change was definitely social medias, nowadays being an influencer helps in all of the spheres of life, especially in the fashion industry, where looks and rank are crucial. The number of followers defines you in this field. If something is not on Instagram, it never happened. When I first started my career it was definitely harder to break through and reach the status of top model.

At what point did you consider that a career in professional modeling was for you?

I think it was at the very start of my career, when I got my first big job, an exclusive fashion editorial for Versace.

Which job was the most significant to your success?

Without any doubt Vogue Italia, I was also very honoured and proud to become the face of Emirates Airlines Company for a year. There are several brands and names I have been working with, but these two truly defined me in my career.

What brand is the closest to your sensibility?

It's Balmain, hundred percent.

What are the key pieces that every model should have in the wardrobe?

Basic tshirt and jeans.

How was the scene different in fashion epicentres compared to Serbia? Especially for a model who lived in Milan for several years like yourself?

In my opinion in Serbia there are many youngsters with potential, talent and creativity who are capable of working in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, financial circumstances are one of the key things which represents a big barrier for people starting off in my world.

There is a deep connection between interior and exterior beauty. Do you find it to be true?

This is somewhat a fact. It is not enough to take care of your physical appearance. It is also of a great importance to work on your personality and character. I think that every charismatic woman is a beautiful woman.

Besides modeling, you had few experiences as an actor. You participated in numerous music videos, what was the main difference between shooting a music video and a fashion campaign?

There's a lot of difference. For me shooting a music videos was a true challenge, an enjoyable one. Besides artists from the Balkans I had a role for one of the most successful Middle Eastern singers, Ragheb Alama. It usually takes longer to shoot a music video compared to a fashion editorial, and yes, modeling is my priority at the moment.

Influencer to music videos and modeling, the key is not to limit yourself. How do you see your career evolving?

I never imagined that so many things would happen to me, my career is evolving really fast and I don't know what is waiting for me in the future. But in my opinion, everything happens for a reason, it's never a coincidence both in life and in your career. I'll welcome every future challenge with open arms!

To conclude, what is the most valuable thing you have learned?

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that you have to enjoy everything you do, at the fullest. It is vital to enjoy what you do and everything that you are surrounded by.