The gallery is proud to announce the representation of French artist, Jerome Borel. The painter, whose works belong to major public collections such as the French National Fund for Contemporary Art, the French National Library and, since 2017, the Museum of Modern Art (Paris), will present a new body of work comprising of acrylic paintings on canvas and charcoals on paper.

Jerome Borel, through a career enriched by several residencies (Djibouti, Naples, Soweto, Johannesburg, Thessalonique) has developped a vocabulary both powerful and subtle, combining a strong narrative with the systematic deconstruction of the subject. Between presence and absence, representation and suggestion, Jerome Borel opens a mental space where the imagination navigates through litterary and cinematographical references.

I paint abstract representations with figurative shapes. Each work is a possible answer to the fundamental questions of our existence.

(Jérôme Borel)