60 artists are putting their work on the line for charity as part of a bold exhibition called Face Value 2. Half of the artists have donated artworks, while the other half will be manipulating the donated pieces. The creations will be on show at Jealous East from the 9th to the 17th March 2018 and will be auctioned by the gallery. All proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be donated to The Katie Piper Foundation, which aims to make it easier to live with burns and scars.

Face Value 2 includes artists such as Mark Wallinger, Ben Eine, Mark Titchner, Sarah Lucas, Stuart Semple, Camille Walala and Gavin Turk, to the Connor Brothers, Patrick Hughes and Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Curator and artist Gary Mansfield said “This exhibition is a way of exploring human vulnerabilities and seeing how the artists react to having someone else take control of their work. We’ve got some exciting collaborations going on that many of the artists don’t even know about – most of those involved haven’t got a clue who’s working on their piece!”

“So many lives have been changed by other people, in both positive and negative ways. The drive behind this exhibition is to express the impact that one person can have on another”.

Participating artist Diana Ali commented: “Art has the power to expose issues we’re scared to talk about. As artists we can become too precious or secretive with our work - suffering from the old fear of 'is it good enough?' To manipulate someone else's work, or to have one's work re-interpreted by another, communicates a sense of trust and openness. My work often involves taking other peoples' stories and bringing them alive through alternative and fictional narratives, so this exhibition was a perfect opportunity to do that”.