Kunstforeningen GL Strand is proud to present a major exhibition of the works of the renowned Danish artist, Jesper Christiansen. The exhibition is a bricolage of paintings created in the last decade with new works produced especially for this exhibition.

'Touchstone' is a composition of images and texts, painting and literature. The artist blends two art forms to create a very detailed scenography, in which he transforms the stark white museum space into a colourful, intimate interior reminiscent of a stately home with library and parlour. Jesper Christiansen has explored how the written word interacts with imagery and painting for some years. 'Touchstone' is based on his personal interpretations of literary masterpieces united with his own thoughts and impressions from near and far, including both foreign travel accounts and experiences in and around his home in Odsherred.

The paintings form a theatrical scenography, in which visitors have rich opportunities to immerse themselves in a palimpsest of literary references, sketches and other artists’ works – paintings and drawings alike. All of this was inspirational and functioned as a model for Jesper Christiansen.