Anna Witt's artistic practice is performative, participatory and political: she creates situations that reflect interpersonal relationships and power relations as well as conventions of speaking and acting.

Again and again Witt investigates questions of subject formation: how do we become who we are? What do we do, what do we believe in and what do we fight for? And how is this social self related to political and economic conditions? She designs experimental arrangements that always give the randomly or specifically selected protagonists possibilities of individual articulation.

The solo exhibition at Belvedere 21 includes three video installations that deal with different aspects of the topic "work" and interlink these in terms of form and content. Beat Body realized as a multi-part spatial installation for the first time, is intended as a performative monument to street sex workers. At the same time, it reflects on the social position that we ascribe to certain professions. In Flexitime Witt translates the raised fist as a symbol and gesture of the collectively organized labour struggle into a physical exercise, which demonstrates the personal responsibility in deregulated working time models. Finally, the installation Body in Progress is specifically conceived for the exhibition: It sheds light on the local situation of a large urban development area in terms of the imaginations of an optimized working and living environment and the ever-performing individual, creating an analogy between "work" and "workout“.

Anna Witt was born in 1981 in Wasserburg am Inn (Germany), she lives and works in Vienna.