Travelling exhibition presented at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, in Ontario, from February 11 to May 28, 2017.

A chance to be inspired by the visual vocabulary of the Haida, Haida Art: Mapping an Ancient Language presents the beauty and complexity of Haida culture, both past and present. Listen with your heart to the engaging language spoken by artworks of exceptional splendour.

Over eighty Haida masterpieces from the McCord’s collection are featured. The McCord curatorial team was guided by renowned Haida artist Robert Davidson, whose insights are woven into the exhibition commentary. Each item has a story to tell; collectively they speak in a rich and ancient visual prose.

Carved feast bowls, bentwood boxes, masks and rattles all communicate ideas, conventions, histories, and philosophies through abstract and naturalistic form. Their voices can be heard not just by the ears, but by the eyes and the spirit.