Titled 'Dreams Chunky', Jack Lavender's exhibition at The Approach will be his first and will include wall grids, hanging assemblages, floor works and ambient music.

Jack Lavender draws from a world of mass-produced objects, transforming their singular banality through their composition within such structures as grids and metal armatures. Sitting between the disciplines of painting, sculpture and collage, Lavender brings different elements together to create a new entity.

Objects that would normally be the detritus of our lives are paired with high quality application and construction, retaining a bittersweet trace of their low origins, and re-imagined for their formal qualities within Lavender’s growing aesthetic lexicon.

Jack Lavender was born in 1983 and he lives and works in London, UK. His solo exhibitions include Smok Gang, And/Or Gallery (2010), London, UK, Now 25 (2009), NANS Gallery, Canterbury, UK, Weekend Work (2008), NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, UK, Magic Sausage(2007), UCA Project Space Canterbury, UK. Group Exhibitions include Paradise Garage (2013), Eighty One, London, UK, Chimera(2012) Q.T.E., Cell Project Space, London, UK, Young London (2012), V22, London, UK, Group show(2012), The Approach, London, UK, Degree Show(2012), RCA, London, UK, Heat (2012), Twelve aroundone gallery, London, UK, ESL (2012), Cass Gallery, London, UK, Smooke (2012), 15 Howie St, London, UK, Lovely summer group show (2011), RCA, London, UK, Know How (2011), Cambell Works, London, UK, Chubby Group show (2011), 15 Howie St, London, UK, Pale Blue Dot (2010), Woodmill, London, UK, Head (2010), The Approach, London, UK, Some things need to die to be reborn (2009), NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, UK, Against the Obviousness of Obviousness/My friends and I couldn’t do Punk, somehow (2008), Substation Studio 1, Substation, Margate, UK, Flava (2007), UCCA Project Space, UCCA Canterbury, UK, What stays? What goes? What’s left behind? (2007), NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, UK, Jungle Stow (2007), Substation Store Room, Substation, Margate, UK, Move Closer (2007), UCCA Project Space, UCCA Canterbury, UK.