Milly Ristvedt's, Paradise Series features eight new acrylic on canvas paintings. This body of work features the intense colours of the Caribbean - turquoise, yellow, lush green and orange.

Her work is echoed by the lyrical and glowing paintings of John Fox. Fox's layered swaths of soft orange, mauve and rich yellow in Untitled 7403 were influenced by Venetian frescoes and the light of the Mediterranean. A conceptual lush tropical garden is created by the vivid leaf designs on panels rimmed in glittering gold by Aron Hill and Fiona Ackerman's riotous Herbarium.

Rounding out Oeno's colourful winter escape are the lively steel ribbons in brilliant orange by sculptor Mark Birksted, five tumbling bronze figures from the Equilibrium series by Sylvain Louis-Seize and new Entangled works by Shayne Dark.