Marlborough Fine Art is pleased to present its third solo exhibition with Jason Brooks. It is the artist’s largest show to date and the first time Marlborough has displayed one artist across both floors of its exhibition spaces. Brooks is part of a generation of artists who emerged in London in the nineties to great international acclaim and for over 20 years has made works that explore the ways in which painting has the power to transform the way we see the everyday.

In this exhibition, Brooks looks at how the language of painting can take one art object and, via a journey of exploration, turn it into another. The exhibition shows the transformation of three different sources of art: hobbyist paintings collected by the artist from junk shops; 18th century romantic paintings bought at auctions; and composited photo images taken by Brooks of fellow image makers from within his circle of friends.

Through three groups of apparently un-connected works, Brooks unifies a variety of inspirations across all the works in this show creating his own painted language. He uses that unification to tell the story that is at the centre of his work: the subject is not the subject.

Brook’s work can be found in major museums and public collections including Walker Art Gallery, Harewood House, The Saatchi Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Dakis Joannou/Deste Foundation Collection, The Berardo Collection, ABN AMRO Collection and Unilever Collection.