“Wooden Textiles” is an experimental project by Elisa Strozyk, in which the designer researched ways to provide wood with textile properties. The results are fascinating: her creation – a material that is half wood-half textile – is hard and yet flexible, allowing it to be formed into flat 2-dimensional objects just as well as into extensive 3-dimensional installations.

The materials textile and sculptural characteristics shape the captivating feel and structure of the objects and challenge us to engage with them, play with them and come up with an infinite number of possibilities to form and change their appearance.

Elisa Strozyks design principles are based on the “Emotional Durable Design”-theory which seeks to reinforce the relation between the object and the subject. Therefore, a product is taken out of its natural habitat and placed into a new context, where the emphasize lies on the emotional value of the product rather than its function. Furthermore, it is the designer’s ambition to create products with a long life expectancy – products that are made out of a material that allows its creations to age “gracefully”.