Dirimart is pleased to announce Âbidin Elderoğlu’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition brings together the artist’s oil, and charcoal works as well as sketches where he traced the abstract painting and abstraction beginning from the 1940’s. Elderoğlu’s works point out the search of a new path that was shaped by the discussions on abstraction and abstract painting in Turkish painting since 1950’s. Named after the artist’s oil painting dated 1968, the exhibition refers to Elderoğlu’s attempts to see the nature in another way. A comprehensive book, which concentrates on Elderoğlu’s place in Turkish art, accompanies the show.

Elderoğlu who mainly focuses on shadow, light, density, and lightness in his paintings, aimed to create, in his words, a “plastic musicality.” Elements like color and blank space take an important place in his compositions that aim to digress from the subject. According to him, the aesthetics and art are dependent to the pure and free nature, to human existence, and spiritual laws. From plants to celestial bodies, mythological stories to music, Elderoğlu benefited from several sources throughout his artistic practice. Works of Elderoğlu, who adopted an artistic approach of exploring rather than limiting himself with specific styles, represent the curious mind of the artist.

Âbidin Elderoğlu (1901, Denizli-1974, Ankara), graduated from teacher training school in 1926; afterwards, he earned a scholarship in 1930, and studied at Academie Julian in order to get artistic training. During this period, Elderoğlu was trained in Albert Laurens’, and André Lhote’s studios. Upon returning to Turkey ,Elderoğlu, who was assigned to İzmir Teacher Training School as a teacher, continued his artistic practice alongside teaching. Having participated in solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, the artist was granted with Honorable Mention at São Paolo Biennial in 1963, Great Prize at Tehran Biennial in 1996, and State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition achievement award in 1975.