For Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2018 Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art will present "Picturing Realities: Constructed, Cropped and Reassembled“, an exhibition by graduates and master students of the class of Joachim Brohm at the HGB Leipzig, Germany.

Photography is the most popular image medium of our times: posted, liked and quickly forgotten again. Artistic practice is its polar opposite. An engagement with reality through the medium of photography inevitably demands working on an image, starting with its construction. An image comes into being not only in the moment of exposure, but rather acquires significance and creates new relationships through time, circulation, and form. The positions from the class of Prof. Joachim Brohm at the HGB Leipzig interact with contemporary photographic discourse in a specific way: in the exhibition space, thoughts, ideas, images, and objects produce collective resonances that both reflect our reality and allow it to become graspable.

Daniele Ansidei (1979 Lugano, Switzerland), Wut Chalanant (1986 Chiang Mai, Thailand),Kalinka Gieseler (1982 Marburg, Germany), Bernadette Keating (1976 Dublin, Ireland), Sophia Kesting (1983 Leipzig, Germany), Dana Lorenz (1984 Berlin, Germany), Abel Minnée (1988 Amsterdam, Neherlands), Daniel Poller (*1984 Rodewisch, Germany)