Bethesda Fine Art presents “Washington Color School: 50 Years Later,” on view through March 1, 2017. This important selection of museum-quality works by icons of the Washington Color School marks a half century after this group of painters first solidified Washington’s place in the national art scene.

Their exhibition at the former Washington Gallery of Modern Art impressed critics and collectors alike and defined what is considered the city's signature movement. Characterized by controlled, hard edge, and stain techniques, this loosely formed group moved away from the gestural pictures of their predecessors, the Abstract Expressionists.

The show offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with pieces by Gene Davis, Thomas Downing, Howard Mehring, Paul Reed and Kenneth Young. These are paired with the work of other artists associated with the movement—Cynthia Bickley, Willem de Looper, Sam Gilliam, James Hilleary, Jacob Kainen, Dan Yellow Kuhne and Robert Goodnough. The carefully curated selection of works highlights the use of strong and brilliant color that was common to artists of the period.