A contemporary ‘image junkie’, Lamsfuss’ approach is based on deconstruction through reproduction and repetition, his painting bringing a halt to the relentless, headlong flood of images that marks our era. The artist feels he is moving in the ruins of modernism, with a strong consciousness of the ´horror vacui’ and the power of the 'pictural turn’. Ulrich Lamsfuss works using photographs from a myriad range of sources, including the press, internet, technical publications and art history, which he painstakinglay reproduces in oils. He places all these representations on a stage to reinforce visibility: by subjecting them to mindless repetition he amplifies and decontextualizes them, opening the door to new interpretations. Obsessed by precision, he spends several months on each painting, moving deliberately slowly in a time of acceleration and attention deficit disorder. His works are destabilising, cultivating confusion between reality and representation, original and copy, photograph and painting, truth and fake. The situation is sharpened to a point where the process of showing and seeing gets dubious.

Cappuccetto Rosso is the title for a show gathering around 20 works and framing a collection of loose associations on the topic of Little Red Riding Hood, reaching from Karl Marx, his face adorning a decorative sovjet vase, to a Nike campaign becoming the mouthpiece for a heroic attempt, vanity seeping through what seems to be a colouring activity or something ambivalent like whitefacing, while a painted sky introduces ambiguity in a Martin Margiela perfume advertisement, blurring the lines with a 17th century Work.

Born in 1971, Ulrich Lamsfuss lives and works in Berlin. During the 1990s, he studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts and the UdK Berlin under Georg Baselitz. Over the last few years, his work has been widely exhibited, including at the Kunsthalle Hamburg in 2005, MartA Herford museum in Germany (Ad Absurdum, curated by Jan Hoet) in 2008, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin in 2013 (PAINTING FOREVER!) and Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen in 2015-2016 (Le Souffleur – Schürmann trifft Ludwig). This new show is his fifth exhibition with Galerie Templon, which has represented him since 2004.