Three years after her last one person exhibition at Seager Gray Gallery, Nancy Legge returns, ever true to her vision and inspiration, but with an increased artistic vocabulary, both in materials and scale. Finding the Figurerefers to Legge’s fluid method of working, primarily in porcelain.

She considers the clay a collaborator in the process and the creative process a dance where artist and material receive clues from one another and work in concert. In the porcelain pieces in particular, she says, "fired or unfired, porcelain is seductive. It has an energy all its own. When rolled paper thin, it is as delicate as silk, ethereal. It has its own voice, its own effortless movement.

As long as you 'listen' and don't get in its way. When Jean Arp said that, "the essence of a sculpture must enter on tip-toe, as light as animal footprints on snow,' he could have been talking about porcelain."